Monday, October 20, 2014

Korea Payroll : PC00_M41_YEA_LST / Withholding Earned Income Tax List / Page 2 Obligatory or Non Obligatory Non Taxable Allowances

Report Name: Withholding Earned Income Tax List or The Payment List of Withholding Tax

This spreadsheet list out the non taxable allowances/technical wagetypes from SAP Korea Payroll such as 

/3NV - Overseas non taxable
/3NU - Overseas non taxable
/3N3 - Overtime Allowance
/3NA - Childcare
/3NH - Foreigner Salary
/3NI - Foreigner Bonus
/3NJ - Research Allowance K
/3N6 - Reporter Allowance
/4TR - Medical Insurance
/4UR - Long Term Care Insurance
/3N2 - Meal Allowance

that needs to be reported in the Year End Tax Reports. Generally non taxable allowance wagetypes are reported on Page 2 in the Withholding Earned Income Tax List report. It is also separated into two categories - Mandatory or Non Mandatory.

This spreadsheet helps to determine which wagetype will appear in which section within that report. Obligatory or Non Obligatory?

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