Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Error while positioning ABWKONTI. Quota could not be positioned

Error while positioning ABWKONTI
04A200603    0002010120420101204#Ā#
Quota could not be positioned:
2006 03 04.12.2010 04.12.2010
Relative day in period: 04 201012
Quota used/quota entitlement to be accounted: 1.00000
Person rejected: 00211460

This problem could arise when the employee's Date of Hiring was changed after the Time Evaluation has run. As a result, the WPBP in the Time Clusters will now be different. Normally if the date of hire has been changed into a date further in future, this would happen.

1) Run program RPUP2D00 to delete data from cluster B2.
Please run these reports in display mode first (do not activate field 'Delete'), so you can check the records which you want to delete.

Enter your USERID in the field Password
There is also another report, RPUP2D10, which will delete all records at once.
2) Afterwards, you have to start RPTIME00 (Time Eval) forcing it to retro calculate based on the new Date of Hire to correct your entries.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PT_CLSTB2 - Display Time Eval Clusters

Transaction Code: PT_CLSTB2

This report allows you to view the Time Evaluation Results (B2 Cluster) for an employee. The changed date would indicate when is the Time Eval was last run for an employee.

It is good to track whether Time Eval has run or not for an employee that may cause incorrect payroll results or time quota generation.