Thursday, February 20, 2014

MSS Service Anniversary's Entry Date is blank or 00.00.0000

In MSS, you execute Entries/Leaving Date, or Service Anniversaries the entry field is displaying 00.00.0000.

However, if you run this from SAP GUI, transaction S_PH9_46000216, the entry field is correctly displaying a date.

As a workaround, you can select All/Current Year in the Period field from the MSS Report Selection Screen.

Currently, the system operates as follows: The modules for the
determination of the respective date (HR_ENTRY_DATE and HR_LEAVING_DATE)
are called up with the key date and not with the start and end date of
the personnel action within which the key date exists. If HR_ENTRY_DATE
doesn't find an entry date on given key date it returns 00.00.0000. This
is an expected system behaviour.
Sometimes this system response is partially not desired, instead, you
want the system to determine the entry date and the date of leaving with
the start and end date of the personnel action within which the key date
exists during a key date selection. Therefore, the attached note 562031
was released.

Implement SAP Note 562031. SAP Note 561514 will reverse the behaviour mentioned in SAP Note 562031

Monday, February 10, 2014

Higher Duties Allowance - Infotype 0509 defaulting of wagetype

Today I debugged Module Pool MP050900 in order to find out the logic sequence behind Infotype 0509 - Activity with Higher Rate of Pay, that defaults the Wagetype to be calculated against the nominal wagetype.

It goes by this sequence:-

1. The Higher Duty Position's Emp Group/Employee Subgroup from HRP1013 is retrieved

2. The values are then run through Feature LGMST using Personnel Area + Emp Group

3. The return value from Feature LGMST is then used to fetch the set of wagetypes from table T539A

4. The Higher Duty Position's Planed Compensation from HRP1005 is read to default the Pay Scale Areas, Pay Scale Type, Pay Scale Group, Pay Scale Level.

5. Finally, the wagetype from T539A along with the Pay Scale Type, Pay Scale Area, Pay Scale Group, Pay Scale Level from Step 4 is used to retrieve the Annual Salary amount from table T510 to be populated in the Infotype 0509 screen.