Thursday, September 19, 2013

Setting UserID in External Breakpoint

Have you tried to set an external breakpoint to debug a Webdynpro Application or ESS/MSS ? Perhaps, you would only want the external breakpoint to be triggered for a particular userid.

From TCODE: SE38 or TCODE: SE24, go to menu bar Utilities > Settings > Tab ABAP Editor > TAB Debugging. There is a field where you can type in your userid.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ESS/MSS - Controlling Age of Leaves to be displayed at Leave Overview

In ESS's Leave Overview screen, you can control the leaves/absences that can appear there. Whether it's from 2 years ago or as recent as 1 month ago only.

SPRO: Employee Self-Service (Webdynpro ABAP) > Service-specific Settings > Working Time > Leave Request > Layout of the Web Application > Specific How Leave Is Displayed and Default Values

In this screen, is where you can configure the age of the leave that can be displayed
Feature WEBMO (TCODE: PE03)
This feature is used to return the value that will determine the Rule Group to be used. You can setup with your own logic and parameters. In the example below, WERKS Personnel Area is used to determine which Rule Group shall be used.
 Note that Rule Group is used as a key in this configuration view. Rule Group is also used to control
1)     List of Leave Types.
2)     Processing process of each leave types like the workflow used, approval needed, attachment enabled, past or future request allowed…..
3)     Display of Quotas in Time Account.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SAP Australia Payroll - Payment Summary Error - Payroll cluster not available 331

If you encounter 'Payroll cluster not available' Message Number 331 from Payment Summary (PC00_M13_PSGEN), then you should look at View V_T5QGP

Ensure that in V_T5QGP has the Personnel Area and Personnel SubArea combination of the employee that you're trying to produce a Payment Summary for. The error message from SAP is not intuitive, and hence, this is a valuable suggestion to fix the issue.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Standard SAP programs to update IT0007 and IT0008

Program: RPUWSH00 (Revaluation of the Planned Working Time Infotype (0007))

Program: RPU510J1 (Utility program to delimit P0008 after pay scale re-creation)
Program: RPITRF00 (Another program to update IT0008)
This programs can be used to update the infotypes IT0007 and IT0008 of multiple employees at one go. It will generate a batch session.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

CATS User Exit to validate recorded data for CAT2 (Timesheet) entries

Enter CATS0003 (CATS: Validate Recorded Data).
It is linked to Function Module EXIT_SAPLCATS_003
From this Function Module, it is linked to program/include ZXCATU03.

Therefore, you need to write your custom codes and validations in ZXCATU03

Also ensure through TCODE: CMOD, that a project is created and that the Enhancement Assignment has got CATS0003 assigned.

When you enter data through TCODE: CAT2, your validation and error messages will be shown

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PT_SHF00 or RPTSHF00 - Generation of Work Schedule in Batch

Program: RPTSHF00

This program is used to generate work schedule in batch mode instead of using Tcode PT01. This is useful if generation is required for many years.

When using this program, remember to fill in BTCI field accordingly to ensure it is run.

This step (Workschedule generation) is necessary to see the effects of public holiday changes.