Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Payroll Australia - Life Benefit ETP

Percival is a 61 year old former crane operator who retired from his job in December 2012. His taxable income from his wages in 2012-13 up to that point was $100,000. His employer paid him a termination payment (that is, an ETP) of $50,000 in the form of a gratuity.

Percival's ETP was a non-excluded ETP so the lesser of the two caps applied.

Percival's whole-of-income cap was reduced from $180,000 to $80,000 because Percival had earned $100,000 in that income year. (Note: The initial $180,000 whole of income cap comes from T511K - WICCP )

As Percival's calculated whole-of-income cap of $80 000 was less than his ETP cap of $175,000 (for 2012-13), the calculated whole-of-income cap was applied to his ETP. (Note: The ETP CAP is stored in SAP via T511K - CAPLB)

As Percival's ETP ($50,000) is less than his calculated whole-of-income cap ($80,000), his entire ETP will be taxed at concessional (lower) tax rates. (Note: This means 31.5% instead of 46.5%)

Percival has reached his preservation age so his employer will withhold tax at a rate of 16.5% from his ETP.

For more information, refer to ATO link

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

FI Tcodes to solve Postings

At times we need configurations in FI in place to ensure postings are performed successfully.

TCODE: FS00, FS01 - Used to create G/L Accounts

TCODE: KA01, KA02, KA03 - Used to create/maintain/display Cost Element

TCODE: XK01, XK02, XK03 - Used to create/maintain/display Vendor Accounts

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to debug ABAP code in HRFORMs

Step 1: Go to TCODE: HRFORMS and double click on your form

Step 2: Click Layout button

Step 3: Click on Test button (F8)

Step 4: Copy the Function Module name displayed at the top of the screen

Step 5 : Go to TCODE: SE37 and put that Function Module name into it and display this Function Module

Step 6: Click on 'Display Object List' button ( That looks like Org Chart ) and navigate to Includes folder. Select the top node. Search from the code using 'Global' or 'Init' to find the ABAP code that you want to place your breakpoint in.