Monday, May 27, 2013

Payroll Australia - Salary Sacrifice Pre-Tax

Payroll Australia - Salary Sacrifice Pre-Tax

In order to make a Wagetype - Salary Sacrifice Component to be pre-tax, that is behaving to reduce the Total Gross for taxation, set the Processing Class 21 of this Wagetype to S.

If you leave this as blank, then it is treated as Post Tax.

Do note that if Cumulation to /106 is ticked, it may reduce the taxable gross twice which may be incorrect. ( Still researching on OSS Note or correct information on this configuration )

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Program RPDKON00 - Wage Type Assignment - Display G/L Accounts

Program RPDKON00 (Wage Type Assignment - Display G/L Accounts) can be used to validate Wagetype Assignment mappings. Run this program using TCODE: SE38/SA38.

It will list out in the output the Country Grouping, Wage Type, Wage Type description, Symbolic Accounts, Type of Posting Account, G/L Account, Company Codes, Company Name.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Posting Errors - Finance TCODE

At times, during posting (PCP0) there may be errors and it can only be fixed via FI/CO tables. Below is a quick reference of relevant TCODEs to fix the corresponding error messages coming out from the posting.
G/L Account 207101 is not defined in Chart of Accounts = FS00

Vendor 10062681 not defined in Company Code 1000 = XK02

AC 510000 requires an assignment to a CO object = OKB9

Missing Cost Center = KS01/KS02/KS03

Monday, May 6, 2013

Change Log for Table Entries

Have you encountered a situation where you want to restore some table entries but you don't have the before and after documented?

It is possible in SAP to retrieve this information via a Change Log program.

Firstly you need to check whether the table has this log enabled or not

Step 1: Go to SE11 and key in the table name. Go to Technical Settings and look at the Log Data changes checkbox. If it's ticked then this is enabled.

Step 2: Go to program RSVTPROT

Step 3: Enter the table name, and select the Tables radio button

Step 4: The changes are displayed. Double click to view more details such as key fields, etc..