Thursday, January 10, 2013

Australia Payroll - Leave Provision

Australia Payroll - Leave Provision

  1. Forecast leave liabilities to the end of the month using the Leave Liability Projection Accrual program (RPCLPVQ0) to obtain entitlement and accrual values.
  2. To calculate the total liability, valuate entitlement and accrual hours by the hourly rate.
  3. If required, add leave loading to the total liability.
  4. Increase the calculated value by the escalation rate ESC11 which is configured in V_T511K. (As of today 10.01.2013 - ESC11 = 22.45% )

Monday, January 7, 2013

Deduction wagetypes from Gross Pay

Say you have created a new wagetype and it is a deduction wagetype, you need to make it deduct from the Gross Pay.

  1. To do this go to SM30 -> V_512W_D and select the Wagetype
  2. Then Tick the Cumulations 10 Net payments/Deductions