Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Time : Personnel Subarea Grouping for Time Quota Type - V_001P_I

Personnel Subarea Grouping for Time Quota Type
VIEW: V_001P_I

V_T5QPBS5A - Leave Loading Australia. In this view, there is a field called MOZKO. This is Personnel Subarea Grouping for Time Quota Type which can be configured from V_001P_I

Monday, November 18, 2013

Payroll Australia - ETP Payment Code to EV Class 11 - V_T5QPC


In order for ETP Payment Code to fall under the correct Payment Code field seen in Payment Summary Listing (PC00_M13_PSLST), VIEW: V_T5QPC must be configured to match the mapping as provided by SAP via SAP NOTE 1798508.

Eval Class Specifications ETP Payment Code
DE                                     D
DT                                     T
ED                                     N
EL                                      O
LE                                      R
S1                                      P
S3                                      B
SE                                     S
T1                                     D
TD                                    N
TE                                     R
TL                                     O

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

PT_QTA10 - Display Absence Quota Information Report

TCODE: PT_QTA10 - is a report to display Absence Quota Information of an employee. This is an alternative to viewing information from Infotype 2006 or through TCODE: PT50.

Monday, November 4, 2013

How to kick a user out from the server

How to kick user that's still logged in the server.

Go to TCODE: SM04 and search for the user. Then press [End Session] button.

If there's multiple server for an environment, use TCODE: SM51 to switch to another server to check. Then go to TCODE: SM04 again to list out the users.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Setting UserID in External Breakpoint

Have you tried to set an external breakpoint to debug a Webdynpro Application or ESS/MSS ? Perhaps, you would only want the external breakpoint to be triggered for a particular userid.

From TCODE: SE38 or TCODE: SE24, go to menu bar Utilities > Settings > Tab ABAP Editor > TAB Debugging. There is a field where you can type in your userid.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

ESS/MSS - Controlling Age of Leaves to be displayed at Leave Overview

In ESS's Leave Overview screen, you can control the leaves/absences that can appear there. Whether it's from 2 years ago or as recent as 1 month ago only.

SPRO: Employee Self-Service (Webdynpro ABAP) > Service-specific Settings > Working Time > Leave Request > Layout of the Web Application > Specific How Leave Is Displayed and Default Values

In this screen, is where you can configure the age of the leave that can be displayed
Feature WEBMO (TCODE: PE03)
This feature is used to return the value that will determine the Rule Group to be used. You can setup with your own logic and parameters. In the example below, WERKS Personnel Area is used to determine which Rule Group shall be used.
 Note that Rule Group is used as a key in this configuration view. Rule Group is also used to control
1)     List of Leave Types.
2)     Processing process of each leave types like the workflow used, approval needed, attachment enabled, past or future request allowed…..
3)     Display of Quotas in Time Account.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SAP Australia Payroll - Payment Summary Error - Payroll cluster not available 331

If you encounter 'Payroll cluster not available' Message Number 331 from Payment Summary (PC00_M13_PSGEN), then you should look at View V_T5QGP

Ensure that in V_T5QGP has the Personnel Area and Personnel SubArea combination of the employee that you're trying to produce a Payment Summary for. The error message from SAP is not intuitive, and hence, this is a valuable suggestion to fix the issue.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Standard SAP programs to update IT0007 and IT0008

Program: RPUWSH00 (Revaluation of the Planned Working Time Infotype (0007))

Program: RPU510J1 (Utility program to delimit P0008 after pay scale re-creation)
Program: RPITRF00 (Another program to update IT0008)
This programs can be used to update the infotypes IT0007 and IT0008 of multiple employees at one go. It will generate a batch session.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

CATS User Exit to validate recorded data for CAT2 (Timesheet) entries

Enter CATS0003 (CATS: Validate Recorded Data).
It is linked to Function Module EXIT_SAPLCATS_003
From this Function Module, it is linked to program/include ZXCATU03.

Therefore, you need to write your custom codes and validations in ZXCATU03

Also ensure through TCODE: CMOD, that a project is created and that the Enhancement Assignment has got CATS0003 assigned.

When you enter data through TCODE: CAT2, your validation and error messages will be shown

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PT_SHF00 or RPTSHF00 - Generation of Work Schedule in Batch

Program: RPTSHF00

This program is used to generate work schedule in batch mode instead of using Tcode PT01. This is useful if generation is required for many years.

When using this program, remember to fill in BTCI field accordingly to ensure it is run.

This step (Workschedule generation) is necessary to see the effects of public holiday changes.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

V_T556W - View to maintain compensation method against quota and WTs for IT0416

View: V_T556W

This is the view to maintain the configurations for Wagetypes against Quotas that will be compensated. This is used for IT 0416.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Setting Key Date dynamically to current date in a variant

Setting Key Date dynamically to current date in a variant

We had a problem setting the variant to have the Key Date field as today's date for program RHPROFL0 so that everytime this background job runs, this program would check all valid positions based on the key date and synchronized the roles into the userids in SU01.

In order to do this, go to Variant Attributes by clicking on Save from the program's selection screen.
  1. Then press 'F4' at Selection variable. The field is lightblue/greyed out, and it's misleading. But it is possible to select a value from the F4 popup.
  2. Then type in or select Current Date in the Name of Variable.
  3. Click on Save.

When you re-enter into this screen again, the = sign will appear under Option.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SAP Australia - Higher Duties Allowance

Higher Duties Allowance are a type of allowance payment if you are working on a higher level position. You record the position and the duration in IT509. The calculation of salary difference is displayed in the Infotype.

This wagetype is configured with Processing Class 21 = B (Lump Sum B Tax) and is usually paid out during Termination.

However, it is also taxed when there is a retro across financial year.

WT3021 = $546.92

Take 5% from $546.92 = $27.34

$27.34 / 26 (payroll periods) = $1.052

Add $1.052 to Average /109  $2937.69 = $2938.74

Use ATO calculator to get the tax for $2938.74 = $676

The current tax /410 is $674 therefore the difference is $676 - $674 = $2

Multiply $2 X 26 (payroll period) = $52

/421 = -$52

Technically, payroll schema checks whether this wagetype is across financial year or in DT via Operation QRDT2 which is located in QTR2. Then payroll will process QTRR. Then QTRB will process the calculation into /421 wagetype.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Program to save spool as PDF

There are some standard SAP programs that generates forms on screen. However, they do not provide you with the option to download or save it as PDF file that you can keep.

1. There's a workaround for this. When you print the form, tick the New Spool Request checkbox in the Print popup box (where you normally enter the LOCL). Then proceed to print button.

2. Then go to tcode SP01 and search for the spool number that was generated.

3. Now go to tcode SA38 and launch program RXTXPDFT4.

4. Enter the spool number and file to download the pdf. Execute the program and the PDF file is downloaded to your pc.

Program: RXTXPDFT4

Thursday, July 11, 2013

User Exits - PBO and PAI (ZXPADU01) and (ZXPADU02)

The standard way to implement Process before output (PBO) - Defaulting of fields and Process After Input (PAI) is to write your code into two programs:-


In SAP FM EXIT_SAPFP50M_002 and EXIT_SAPFP50M_001 it will trigger the includes ZXPADU01 and ZXPADU02

Some code snippets that may be useful is as below. Use this to convert structure into a variable and convert it back at the end of the code

 DATAi0011 TYPE p0011.

   WHEN '0011'.      "ext bank transfers
     CALL METHOD cl_hr_pnnnn_type_cast=>prelp_to_pnnnn
         prelp innnn
         pnnnn i0011.

* Set endda to begda by default
       i0011-endda i0011-begda.

       CALL METHOD cl_hr_pnnnn_type_cast=>pnnnn_to_prelp
           pnnnn i0011
           prelp innnn.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Configuring Action's Reason

View: V_T530

Configuring Reason Codes to Action Codes used in PA40 can be done in V_T530.
This view provides you with the Action Code, Reason Code and Reason Text Description


Action Code Action Description Reason Code Reason Description
ZH                 Separation                37                    Redundancy - Voluntary

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Payroll Australia - Life Benefit ETP

Percival is a 61 year old former crane operator who retired from his job in December 2012. His taxable income from his wages in 2012-13 up to that point was $100,000. His employer paid him a termination payment (that is, an ETP) of $50,000 in the form of a gratuity.

Percival's ETP was a non-excluded ETP so the lesser of the two caps applied.

Percival's whole-of-income cap was reduced from $180,000 to $80,000 because Percival had earned $100,000 in that income year. (Note: The initial $180,000 whole of income cap comes from T511K - WICCP )

As Percival's calculated whole-of-income cap of $80 000 was less than his ETP cap of $175,000 (for 2012-13), the calculated whole-of-income cap was applied to his ETP. (Note: The ETP CAP is stored in SAP via T511K - CAPLB)

As Percival's ETP ($50,000) is less than his calculated whole-of-income cap ($80,000), his entire ETP will be taxed at concessional (lower) tax rates. (Note: This means 31.5% instead of 46.5%)

Percival has reached his preservation age so his employer will withhold tax at a rate of 16.5% from his ETP.

For more information, refer to ATO link

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

FI Tcodes to solve Postings

At times we need configurations in FI in place to ensure postings are performed successfully.

TCODE: FS00, FS01 - Used to create G/L Accounts

TCODE: KA01, KA02, KA03 - Used to create/maintain/display Cost Element

TCODE: XK01, XK02, XK03 - Used to create/maintain/display Vendor Accounts

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to debug ABAP code in HRFORMs

Step 1: Go to TCODE: HRFORMS and double click on your form

Step 2: Click Layout button

Step 3: Click on Test button (F8)

Step 4: Copy the Function Module name displayed at the top of the screen

Step 5 : Go to TCODE: SE37 and put that Function Module name into it and display this Function Module

Step 6: Click on 'Display Object List' button ( That looks like Org Chart ) and navigate to Includes folder. Select the top node. Search from the code using 'Global' or 'Init' to find the ABAP code that you want to place your breakpoint in.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Payroll Australia - Salary Sacrifice Pre-Tax

Payroll Australia - Salary Sacrifice Pre-Tax

In order to make a Wagetype - Salary Sacrifice Component to be pre-tax, that is behaving to reduce the Total Gross for taxation, set the Processing Class 21 of this Wagetype to S.

If you leave this as blank, then it is treated as Post Tax.

Do note that if Cumulation to /106 is ticked, it may reduce the taxable gross twice which may be incorrect. ( Still researching on OSS Note or correct information on this configuration )

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Program RPDKON00 - Wage Type Assignment - Display G/L Accounts

Program RPDKON00 (Wage Type Assignment - Display G/L Accounts) can be used to validate Wagetype Assignment mappings. Run this program using TCODE: SE38/SA38.

It will list out in the output the Country Grouping, Wage Type, Wage Type description, Symbolic Accounts, Type of Posting Account, G/L Account, Company Codes, Company Name.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Posting Errors - Finance TCODE

At times, during posting (PCP0) there may be errors and it can only be fixed via FI/CO tables. Below is a quick reference of relevant TCODEs to fix the corresponding error messages coming out from the posting.
G/L Account 207101 is not defined in Chart of Accounts = FS00

Vendor 10062681 not defined in Company Code 1000 = XK02

AC 510000 requires an assignment to a CO object = OKB9

Missing Cost Center = KS01/KS02/KS03

Monday, May 6, 2013

Change Log for Table Entries

Have you encountered a situation where you want to restore some table entries but you don't have the before and after documented?

It is possible in SAP to retrieve this information via a Change Log program.

Firstly you need to check whether the table has this log enabled or not

Step 1: Go to SE11 and key in the table name. Go to Technical Settings and look at the Log Data changes checkbox. If it's ticked then this is enabled.

Step 2: Go to program RSVTPROT

Step 3: Enter the table name, and select the Tables radio button

Step 4: The changes are displayed. Double click to view more details such as key fields, etc..

Monday, April 22, 2013

Payroll - Processing Class to Country (Molga)

IMG > Payroll > Payroll : Australia > Basic Settings > Environment of Wage Type Maintenance > Processing Classes and Evaluation Classes

Use the above SPRO path to check whether a Processing Class is applicable to a particular Country's Payroll. After HRSP, this configuration may be affected.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Australia Payroll - Fringe Benefit Tax

For wage type amounts that were configured with Evaluation Class 11 = FB ( View: V_512W_D ), these are known as Reportable Fringe Benefit Amounts in the Payment Summary Form.

The program first checks the amount from CRT of that wage type and check whether the amount is higher than the amount stored in the constant GCFBT ( from T511K ). If it is higher then only it will be displayed in the Payment Summary Form ( Tcode: PC00_M13_PSGEN ).

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Views - Assignment of Wage Type to Cumulation Wage Type

View: V_T596G

To create new Cumulation Wage Type

View: V_T596I

Assignment of Wage Type to Cumulation Wage Type.

The Cumulation group is then used in the Payslip in HRFORMS and is mostly used to show cumulation for example, Total Earnings, Total Deductions, and perhaps YTD Amount Paid.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Singapore IR8A - Generated wrong IC Type for e-submission file

It is important to ensure that employee's IT 0185 ( Personal ID ) record must be maintained with an end date of 31.12.9999. Should the end date of this record ends at an earlier date than financial year, for example 28.09.2012 and IR8A is used to generate e-submission file to report 01.01.2012 to 31.12.2012, then the IC Type will be generated wrongly with a value of '0'. This is because table NRIC will not be generated in the Payroll Clusters.

A sample screenshot of how the validation may fail at the IRAS software is shown as below

Another area to check is to ensure feature 25ICT is maintained correctly and activated. This feature controls the IT0185 subtypes to the calculation formulas. There are 6 formulas in SAP to determine how to ensure an entered number is in the right format. For example, an IC number should start with S and ends with a correct check digit alphabet.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

How to find Time Constraint - T582A, T591A

Check table T582A and look for ZEITB field. If that field has a value of 'T' which means it is dependent on Subtype table, then check table T591A.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Australia Payroll - Leave Provision

Australia Payroll - Leave Provision

  1. Forecast leave liabilities to the end of the month using the Leave Liability Projection Accrual program (RPCLPVQ0) to obtain entitlement and accrual values.
  2. To calculate the total liability, valuate entitlement and accrual hours by the hourly rate.
  3. If required, add leave loading to the total liability.
  4. Increase the calculated value by the escalation rate ESC11 which is configured in V_T511K. (As of today 10.01.2013 - ESC11 = 22.45% )

Monday, January 7, 2013

Deduction wagetypes from Gross Pay

Say you have created a new wagetype and it is a deduction wagetype, you need to make it deduct from the Gross Pay.

  1. To do this go to SM30 -> V_512W_D and select the Wagetype
  2. Then Tick the Cumulations 10 Net payments/Deductions