Wednesday, December 26, 2012

ABAP - Displaying information message

To display an information message via a popup, first we need to declare the Message class. This is done at the top of the report.

Then double click on your message class, and populate it with your required information message and give it a number.

& is placeholder for a variable.

To call this information message, use the below ABAP syntax.
The variable w_footer-total_record will be used in the '&' that we defined in the message above.

Below is a sample output of the Information Message popup.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

ABAP - Selection Screen - Push button and Read-only Parameters

Below is the ABAP code in order to create a push button as well as two parameters to store the path and filename.

Define Text Symbols:-
OPF = Output Format
001 = Path
002 = Filename
003 = Filename

Use BEGIN OF LINE in order to place the push button and parameter on the same line.

Comment can only be used in a line.

The text displayed on the push button can be placed after AT SELECTION-SCREEN OUTPUT or after INITIALIZATION.
To make a parameter field as read-only, we can do this by looping through SCREEN and disabling the INPUT attribute.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Configuring Public Holidays

Tcode: OY05

The main transaction is through OY05.
Select radio button Public holidays, if it's a new public holiday that's not yet defined
Note that the Transport will transport all calendar settings to target and will affect all clients.

Assuming we add a new public holiday called Labor Day AU

Then, once this Public Holiday is created. Go to OY05 again and select radio button Holiday Calendar. Go to the required Calendar, AU for example and then click on [Assign Holiday] button. Select the Labor Day AU to be added.
Upon saving, this popup will be shown to tell you that Factory calendar will be adjusted
 We can then view the Public Holiday Calendar for a given year

We can see the Labor Day AU is reflected in the 2013 Public Holiday Calendar for AU
If we view an Employee's IT0007, and display his work schedule, we can see that the day is now tagged as a Public Holiday and also is a Off day

Friday, December 14, 2012

Singapore - Retro payments reporting in IR8A

All retro payments from the previous financial year is always reported for CPF as AW regardless whether the Wagetype was OW or AW.

When reporting a retroactive income, the income will be reported based on the FOR PERIOD and the CPF Portion will be reported based on the pay date.

An example:

Employee: John Doe has $3000 monthly salary from Jan - Dec 2012. After Dec 2012 payroll has run, HR adds a Allowance of $4200 retroactively for him and declared that in a Dec 2012 date.

In IR8A - YR 2012

Total Income = $ 36000 + $ 4200
CPF = $7200 ( 20% x $36000 )

In IR8A - YR 2013

Total Income = $36000
CPF = $8040 ( $7200 + $840 ) Note: $840 = ( 20% x $4200 )

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Activating HRFORMs

Whilst transporting a change to HRFORMs to the test QA server, I was surprised to see the hrform wasn't activated in the test QA server.

I realised that we have to manually activate the HRFORM in the target server upon transporting. To do this:-

1. Go to tcode HRFORMS
2. Select the Form and click on Activate button
3. If Step 2 cannot be performed, go to Menu Bar > Utilities > Activate Forms
4. Activate all 3 options if you are not sure
5. Go back to view your Form from HRFORMS and you can see the green status now

I also see this suggestion from the internet. Perhaps it's wise to perform this step first.

1b) In quality system, Start transaction SE11 for view V_HRF_SELFIELDS and then go to Utilities-> Database Object -> Database Utility.
Do data base adjust (Consult your basis consultant before doing anything like this though)

To automatically activate the HRFORM upon transporting, apparently you can do this by implementing the BADI below. However, I haven't had any experience on this and can't detail out the steps yet.


Monday, December 3, 2012

How to map wagetypes to symbolic accounts

Observe below a sample Superannuation fund (APH) that has two wagetypes linked to store the Deduction W/T and Contribution W/T.

From IMG > Payroll Australia > Reporting for Posting Payroll Results to Accounting > Activities in the HR System > Maintain Wage Types

You can define the posting characteristics of wagetypes here

From this view, you can link the Wagetype to the Symbolic accounts. It can be to a Vendor or Expense account as seen below


Sunday, December 2, 2012

OBYU - How to map symbollic account to G/L Vendor Account

To link a symbollic account to a G/L Vendor Account go to :-

IMG > Payroll Australia > Reporting for Posting Payroll Results to Accounting > Activities in the AC System > Assign Accounts >

Tcode: OBYU

OBYG - Liability Accounts
OBYE - Expense Accounts
OBYU - Vendor Accounts

After entering the Chart of Accounts, here is where you can map the Symbolic Accounts to Vendor Accounts

Do note that you can check the Vendor accounts using tcode XK01 (Create), XK02 (Edit) or XK03 (Display)